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     We are thrilled to announce the most recent addition to WRV Surf Camp!  A one of a kind option that we named, "The GoPro Experience!"  Watching yourself surf is one of the best ways to work on style and technique. With that being said, we have a brand new fleet of high quality GoPro cameras for everyone to use for free during our 5-Day camps!  Other than the required memory card for each camera to record footage (mentioned below in step #2), this is a complimentary perk of WRV Surf Camp.  We simply want to give you the opportunity to have footage of yourself surfing that will help you advance your skills and last a lifetime!       


Here's how it works:


1-  Campers will have the option to use a GoPro for a select time during each camp session.  The time allotted for use of the cameras will depend on how many people are in camp and how many of those campers want to use them.


2-  GoPro cameras require the use of a Micro SD memory card (pictured here).  This is how the camera stores what is being recorded. These memory cards come in many different GB size ranges (16, 32, 64, 128, etc.)  A 16GB or 32GB will allow plenty of room for your waves at camp. For example, a 16GB card allows for approximately 2:20 hours of video storage.     


*You may bring your own Micro SD card to use in the camera or you can purchase one from us for $10.

3- We will teach you the basics of how to correctly use the camera while surfing, how to set it up properly before entering the water, and also assist you with any other questions you may have while you are using it.  

4- After using the camera during your surf session, we will remove the SD memory card, and give it to you to take home.  The footage is then yours to do whatever you would like with it!

Check out this example of 3 brothers ripping some waves last summer.  These guys only used a GoPro for a few waves each during one day of camp!

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