1- Surfing Birthday/Pizza Party - Surf with your friends and then have a beach style pizza party on us!  We will provide pizza and drinks, a table, and a tent to make sure your party is rocking!

                  Party Schedule 

  • 10 minute warm up and prep talk

  • 1.5 hours of surfing with instructors  

  • 20 minute chillax and pizza party

​2- Surf & Sun Day Funday "Ladies Day at the Beach"  Go for a relaxing surf with the ladies and then walk off the beach for some ice cold Orange Crushes at  Waterman's or The Shack on us!

Contact us for Pricing!

3- Board Meeting  "Office Meeting with Boards & Beers" - Go for a surf with the work crew and then walk off the beach for some ice cold beers or Orange Crushes at Waterman's or The Shack on us!

Contact us for Pricing!

4- Father & Son/Daughter Bonding with Boards - Surf then enjoy major discounts through October 31st at WRV! 

Contact us for Pricing!

5- Mom & Daughter/Son Surf & Shop til you drop - Surf then shop at WRV where you will enjoy huge discounts through October 31st! 

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We are still offering private and group lessons.  Hope to get you in the water soon!!  


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